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    Default Ordering from USA to Europe/Greece

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking at ordering VIW an maybe a couple more fragrances from fragrancex, I live in Greece and I was wondering if anyone knows for sure or by past experiences if I am liable to pay any extra Tax/vat when my order arrives? I have contacted them directly but would also like to hear from mutual people.

    I have tried to find the answer online but haven't seen anything definitive.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Ordering from USA to Europe/Greece

    Well I've ordered from the strawberry-site (from USA to Europe). I'm still waiting for my bottle but the site says that 90% of the packages can be delivered without extra payment. If I would have to pay VAT they would give me a refund for that amount. But if I can I buy online in Europe...

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    Default Re: Ordering from USA to Europe/Greece

    I would also buy in europe but there is nowhere that sells VIW anywhere near as cheap as fragrancex do..

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    Default Re: Ordering from USA to Europe/Greece

    You would have to pay VAT/duties.
    Here, order it from France:

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    Default Re: Ordering from USA to Europe/Greece

    How much VAT though? I can order the 120ml VIW for around €100 with basenotes code on fragrancex

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    Default Re: Ordering from USA to Europe/Greece

    In the UK, it is 18. So it depends on each country's own customs duty. Oh and the Customs get the post office to collect the money on their behave, so the duty may be X and the post office charge an extra 5 for collecting it on behave of Customs.

    Last time I got caught the duty was 3.50 but I had 8 to pay because of the post office charging for collecting on behave of customs. I believe my total was 23 so not that much over the 18 cut off. But as I said each country in the EU has its own cut off.

    Last year on another site I belong to. People went nuts ordering Emu boots direct from Oz, here they are 100+. Some got through without getting caught, then because so many buying the boots at the amazing deal of 50+ they got caught and had to pay 60 duty! Think the one who got caught had ordered two pair of boots.
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    Default Re: Ordering from USA to Europe/Greece

    Thanks for the info Donna, I'm just having a hard time finding greece's laws on it specifically. I may have to head into the post office and ask. I sent fragrancex an email about it and this is the response I got:


    Thank you for your email. Please note that while most are not, some orders
    are randomly inspected by customs upon importation. Customs in some
    countries may charge duties or taxes for some packages. We unfortunately
    cannot be responsible for these costs, as stated on our site. We apologize
    for this inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding as this is out
    of our control.



    So I guess it's like you said, some might just randomly get checked!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Sorry to be a pain, but VIW on fragrancex after the basenotes discount is around 100Euros, shipping is about 12. does that mean if the VAT is around 18-23% i would only pay about 123 euros at most? its still very cheap thinking about it.

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