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Thread: Which MDCI?

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    Default Which MDCI?

    Hello Female Frag discussion, I don't post here often since I'm a guy, but I am seeking some advice and direction on MDCI Parfums. The reason I ask is because their sample program offers 5x12mL fragrances for €90, and they only make three male/unisex fragrances. So, I was wondering which of the remaining fragrances (omitting Amber, Invasion, and Palatin) would be good to try out. I'm not sure if any of them can be worn on a man, but I suppose if not I will give them to my mother (no gf at the moment).

    With that in mind, which are the best that they offer?

    Thanks for any advice.
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    Default Re: Which MDCI?

    I love Peche Cardinal, but I think some men would find it too feminine. Enlevement au Serail is another very nice one that could be unisex. Notes are bergamot, mandarin orange, ylang-ylang, jasmine, tuberose, rose, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver and vanilla.
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    Default Re: Which MDCI?

    I love the whole MDCI line. My favorites are Enlevement au Serail, Un Coeur en Mai and Peche Cardinal.

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    Default Re: Which MDCI?

    I second the two big chypre-ish florals, Enlevement au serail and Promesse de l'aube. Enlevement is a little sweeter. Turin however noted some batch quality variation in Promesse in his best 100 book.


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    Default Re: Which MDCI?

    Le Rivage des Syrtes

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    Default Re: Which MDCI?

    Go for the complete sample set -you can't go wrong as scent really is genderless -and no matter what you'll end up wearing what you love. As you said - anything you don't like can be gifted away.

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    Default Re: Which MDCI?

    If you buy MDCI sample set from their website, they will deduct the money when you pay for a full bottle. No time limit! I got my full bottle of Enlevement au Serail after 2 years of getting the sample set

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