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    Default Ultimate "fun" / Life of the party scent

    What scent (for men) do you think is the ultimate "life of the party" / fun scent? Something that just smells like fun, upbeat, its time to get kraaaazy! / life of the party vibe? Something you'd expect joey from friends or Barney stinson would wear when they're out partying like crazy. Designer or Niche doesn't really matter. Thoughts?
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    Default Re: Ultimate "fun" / Life of the party scent

    Personally I would see Joey wearing LeMale, Aqua di Gio or Cool Water.

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    Default Re: Ultimate "fun" / Life of the party scent

    Depends very much of the party, but never given it much thought, while still not denying myself the respective SOTE. On more formal occasion, a powerhouse, even a leather or a chypre might be the unexpected head-turner and life at the party as well, provided that they are appropriate to the occasion, stand out and exude class without overpowering, yet still not going unobserved among more generic choices. On a more casual party occasion, the usual clubbing scents, chiefly gourmands, would do, along the lines of Le Male, One Million or Rochas Man.

    Neither of the two characters are known to me, but I guess that especially the second category mentioned above might fit almost anyone who tries (and usually succeeds) to stand out while partying/clubbing.

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    Default Re: Ultimate "fun" / Life of the party scent

    I do not know why, but if I was a fumehead in my raging days, I think I would wear Black Orchid if I wanted to make a scene.

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    Default Re: Ultimate "fun" / Life of the party scent

    Eau D'Hadrien

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    Default Re: Ultimate "fun" / Life of the party scent

    Virgin island water comes to mind

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