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    Default Ramon Mongegal Impossible Iris - thoughts?

    As a hugh Iris fan, and accepting of berry fruit notes, could you give me your impressions of this one if you have smelled it? I want to order a sample, and probably will, but I would love some feedback.

    Please excuse the title misspell, don't know how to change that!

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    Default Re: Ramon Mongegal Impossible Iris - thoughts?

    Surprisingly bright, floral, sweet, indolic, very linear and direct, a little berry-tinged but not very. Imagine a bright, strong jasmine scent where the jasmine has been replaced by iris but its accents ( floral sweetness, ripe tinge, indolic chill ) remain.

    I thought I'd love it but it somehow smells very plain for an iris. I want more mystery in my iris fragrances.

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    Default Re: Ramon Mongegal Impossible Iris - thoughts?

    Thank you Sug. Hmm, not sure that sounds like what I was looking for.

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    Default Re: Ramon Mongegal Impossible Iris - thoughts?

    Thanks to a generous BNers, I have a vial. As cello was saying, it's a great iris with happy, berry note. The character is surprisingly happy and bright, unlike the usual sadness and mystery of iris. I wouldn't call it a straightforward iris, it is quite complex and not just an iris - and whether you'd like it depends on whether you're good with happy florals or prefer a rooty iris. (As a straightforward iris, I'm still partial to La Pausa).

    I have never smelled Iris Gris, and I wonder how the fruity note was resolved there.


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    Default Re: Ramon Mongegal Impossible Iris - thoughts?

    Suga and cacio have it covered pretty well between them. I find Impossible Iris offers little in terms of development, with a bright fruity-floral somewhat perfume-y aspect that is not quite as adroitly balanced as Le Labo's Iris 39. In sonic terms, the delivery feels a little flat, or an octave short. That's probably why it comes across as linear or plain. Frankly, I'm disappointed.

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