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    Default Is anyone familiar with the Oriflame house?

    They seem to be like an Avon type house, or am I wrong? Are there any in this house worth going out of my way to try; or even blind buy?

    These 2 below look very interesting!
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    Default Re: Is anyone familiar with the Oriflame house?

    Thanks. I will have to look into these two scents.

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    Default Re: Is anyone familiar with the Oriflame house?

    I Really want to try Architect, which is supposed to be similar to Burberry London.

    Oriflame is an Avon type company you are right
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    Default Re: Is anyone familiar with the Oriflame house?

    Some of the scents I tried and happen to be familiar with:

    Glacier- generic, but not bad, ozonic-aquatic variation, pretty much in the style of the 90s
    Rebel- citrus-leather chypre with an Old School feel, quite powerhouse
    De Marco- an Oriental-Mediterranean mixture, also quite powerhouse, but with more emphasis on the spicy notes
    Deep Woods- like the name says, extremely woody, could easily compete (if longevity and projection were better) with some Dsquared scents
    Midsummer Man- indeed a summer scent, some citrus, some aquatic notes, also some fruit, quite translucent, soapy and casual

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    Default Re: Is anyone familiar with the Oriflame house?

    I've had Architect. It was similar to Burberry London but not as good. Didn't find it worth owning.

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    Default Re: Is anyone familiar with the Oriflame house?

    I have been curious about this house for a bit, in fact, I have been curious about all such houses, Jafra is another.

    I bought Volume because I was attracted to the bottle. My review of Volume is this:

    "I once wrote a thread about houses like Avon, Jafra and Oriflame being the new niche in fragrances. Some thought I was out of my mind, others shared the sentiment. Whatever the case, I resolved to get to know as many of these houses as possible (and there are more than a few).
    Oriflame was one I had never heard of before, so I decided to to give it a shot. I was attracted to this particular offering because it had not been reviewed-I did not want to be influenced by what others thought and I was attracted to the bottle.

    If Hermes wanted to launch an Eau de Cologne extra light version of Terre de Hermes, this would be a candidate. The initial blast is undoubtedly TdH and when it settles on the skin it continues the imitation the heavy rotting citrus. Sadly, the synthetic nature of TdH is present in abundance as well.
    Overall it is a nice fragrance actually, unique in a way, if you've never sampled TdH. The only issue is longevity: it is virtually none existent after about an hour.
    I so do not want to give this a thumbs up, but because it is true to its notes and it has a quality about it that I like, I should. An EdP version would be a serious winner in my book."

    I do really think if something totally new and different is what you are after, much like the niche houses offer, these 'direct sell' companies might be the answer.
    Keep Smelling Good

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    Default Re: Is anyone familiar with the Oriflame house?

    I tried Eclat and Flamboyant when I was in Europe. Nothing special IMO.

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    Default Re: Is anyone familiar with the Oriflame house?

    I own Oriflame signature which is a forgettable woody scent with a decent longevity. There are many similar designer scents.
    and, Oriflame Glacier which again has nothing to be crazy about. I got both of them through a friend of mine who worked with oriflame.

    This Signature variant (Heritage) looks to be promising but I'm not quite sure about it. I'll definitely look out for this one :-)
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    9. TdH
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