To let everyone know, this is my first post here, so let me apologize in advance if what I ask is common knowledge. With that being said, just starting to consider niche fragrances, and have ordered several 1ml decants of scents that keep showing up under my searches for "best" fragrance. Of the ones I've ordered, they basically fall into "meh", "not bad", and "I really like that".

Before the questions, the list: (I also have several Tom Ford samples on the way, but not here yet)

Creed Bois de Santal
Creed Himalaya
Creed Original Vetiver
Cred Millesime Imperial
Creed Green Irish Tweed
Creed Silver Mountain Water
Maison Francis Kurdjia Amyris pour Homme
Le Labo Santal 33

"Not Bad":
Mona di Orio Les Nombres d'Or-cuir
Amouage Jubilattion XXV

"I really like that":
Amouage Epic Man
Creed Bois du Portugal

So, with that being said. I'm sure that my to favorites (Epic Man and Bois du Portugal) must share some similar scent undertones that draw me to them, over the others. (For instance, GIT does nothing for me. Its not unpleasant, it just doesn't seem to have any depth)

1) What is the underlying scent, common to those two fragrances?
2) Is there a database, website, service, etc etc that lists or graphs fragrances with common characteristics?
3) If you're familiar with the two favorites I listed, what are some other scents I might also enjoy?