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Thread: diorama mishap

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    Default diorama mishap

    Yesterday I received an ebay purchase for a vintage Diorama spray. A half-full bottle, cheap because damaged:

    The damage was that the seal on the top wasn't perfect, but was starting to come apart. This doesn't sound like a major problem. But of course the issue is that older bottle had chemicals to pressurize the liquid, so removing the cap turned out to be a disaster. The pressurized content started spritzing out, My table and tshirt were doused. I'm not sure what the best way to open the bottle would have been, perhaps cutting the glass with proper equipment, or perhaps removing the cap with the bottle upside down over a bowl (which would have required proper equipment too). No matter, in the end, between the normal evaporation due to the pressurizing material and the loss, I recovered about 10ml.

    But what a wonderful perfume, even in this low concentration spray formula. A true chypre, with a deep but dry moss and, to my nose, quite a good amount of smooth leather, with citrus peel and perhaps some white floral on top (the top, obviously, couldn't be smelled properly in the circumstance). At once sweetish fruity, but not syrupy, rather very dry, almost dusty. And the glorious chypre drydown.

    I hope that the cloth and the table will keep the perfume as long as possible, so I'll be smelling it as a parfum d'ambiance in coming days (as I happened to do in a previous ebay disaster, a smashed bottle of the sensational Shocking).

    Any other comment on Diorama?


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    Default Re: diorama mishap

    SAD! But your T smells Divine, I'll bet
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    Default Re: diorama mishap

    That sucks, Cacio.

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    Default Re: diorama mishap

    Sounds like a scene from when good bottles go bad.Sorry for your loss bro!

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    Default Re: diorama mishap

    Wow! I bet that was shocking when it started happening and in your mind, racing about what to do quick? I have never smelled vintage Diorama, but it sounds fabulous! Well, at least you still got a good amount left to make a decant with and you learned a valuable lesson! Thanks for sharing that with us because I wouldn't have known that happens.

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    Default Re: diorama mishap

    Thanks! It would be nice to know what to do in similar cases. I suspect the problem is that the liquid was coming through the little tube in the bottle, so the right way would have been to tilt the bottle so that the tube entrance wasn't catching any liquid, but air. It would also be interesting to know what decrease in liquid volume one might expect - I have read in an old thread that when the bottle is open and the pressurizing agent is released, the liquid volume decreases dramatically, regardless of further losses due to splash.

    In any case, as expected, the various clothes and napkins are now working well as room diffusers. The smell is clicking - which suggests, did my mom use Diorama way back? I've also been reading about it. Luca Turin defines the original parfum as sunny Mitsouko with orange peel. This is not it, but then neither is it a bad copy of Diorella (as he defines the later version). Even less is it the current les creations de messieur Dior, which I smelled last year, and which is a light, citrusy thing of no interest. This one is a leathery chypre with a dry citrus top and an overripe fruity note, but quite unlike Diorella, it has none of the citrusy zing of Diorella.


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    Default Re: diorama mishap

    Don't ever wash that T-shirt, cacio! In fact, you could start a new sort of pass-around (;
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    Default Re: diorama mishap

    Such a shame. I agree with your assessment of the fragrance. I've never smelled a Mitsouko that smelled anything like it really.

    I had a bottle with similar difficulties at one time but it was nothing quite so special. If you run into this situation again, I suggest operating with your hands and the bottle in a ziplock bag so that less of the fragrance shoots everywhere and you can pour from the bag into a container of choice.

    Meanwhile, enjoy your basenotes!

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