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    Default Perfumer's Alcohol

    For some reason, the alcohol scent is dominating my blends... did my alcohol go bad? Or do I need to let it rest for longer before the oil scent takes over?

    I got it from here:

    What is the difference between 39 and 40 SDA?


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    Default Re: Perfumer's Alcohol

    Quote Originally Posted by saypo View Post
    What is the difference between 39 and 40 SDA?
    The only difference is the type of denaturant added to alcohol. As the amount of denaturant is minimal, the smell does not change.

    You should let the mixture sit for about two weeks and then filter it. I never did experiments with denatured alcohol, because here in Brazil only sells alcohol without additives, but I think the odor of alcohol will never be dominant in a mixture, unless you put very little aromatics.

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    A big mistake is denatured ethanol. It did not work. There are only a denaturant which has no odor - the name is Bitrex. An ethanol denatured with Bitrex goes. Everything else stinks.

    This one is perfect!!! Expensive, but perfect.

    More Information with google translate (sorry )
    .... from sugar beet, cereals (grains) or fruit for the spirits, food and flavor industry. fantastic drinking alcohol (96%), whose alcoholic top note does not bother, and the course is not denatured
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    Is your blend primarily of base or middle notes, i.e. low to medium volatility materials? Very volatile top notes can help mask the smell of the denaturant (or the alcohol itself).

    Are you smelling direct from the bottle or on paper or skin after the alcohol has evaporated? Many good perfumes smell of alcohol straight from the bottle.

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    I always smell the denaturant. Except BITREX. That does not bother. But i dont use ethanol with Bitrex.

    I make ordinary perfume with top notes, middle notes and base.
    I pay a lot of money for my perfume, and so I use the best, most expensive ethanol.
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    All alcohol, even undenatured stuff, has a bit of a smell. I have organic undenatured grain (corn), grape, sugar and rye alcohols. If the alcohol has a smell you don't like, you can try filtering it with a Brita pitcher (dedicated to just the alcohol) or activated charcoal. Currently, a good source with a good sale going on is They're in Oregon, and hazmat and tax fees apply. Still, with the sale I got my 5 gallons about $200 off what I usually pay. NCI, of course.
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