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    So my fiance lately has been very moody and sensitive towards me wearing colognes, this has been going on for a few months. Its kind of strange being that she sells fragrances and is a big fan of them. Anyways come to find out shes been having " morning sickness" ETC, she is a little over three months pregnant! Long story short she has asked me not to wear any A Men, she said she will probably have more to the list lol. She says A Men is grossing her out horribly now. So my question is to all the mothers was there any fragrance you couldn't stand due to pregnancy?

    BTW she hasn't shown a tummy weight yet. With our son, she was big at this time. But she is healthy and the baby from what the doctors had said.

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    Congrats Man!

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    Congratulations! When my better half was pregnant, there was very little I could waft under her nose that would get a positive response. She was especially averse to anything "green" smelling by her own admission.
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    thx guys

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    My sister couldn't handle perfumes whens he was pregnant. Then she bought 50 perfumes after giving birth lol.
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    My wife got bad headaches the first trimester with any perfume, but was ok after that.
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    I'm currently in my second trimester of my second pregnancy. In both pregnancies, I couldn't stand wearing anything for the first couple of months, and would also ask my partner to refrain from certain scents, especially anything sweet or smoky.

    Now I'm back to wearing fragrances, but have found that a couple of my past favorites (Angel and Poison Hypnotique) are off the list indefinitely.

    So she may come back to scents in a few weeks, or (as others have mentioned) not be able to stand anything until it's over. Every woman is different, and even every pregnancy for the same woman.


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    Congratulations! When I was pregnant my husbands Kouros caused a horrible reaction! I bought Chanel Pour Monsieur which was better. I personally wore Caron Pour Homme before - after + during pregnancy -this may be an option that works for you both.

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