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    Default All Black

    Anyone into all black?

    Been heading that route slowly but surely. I find it less of a hassle to figure out what to wear and it always looks chic (especially with Memoir Man to top it off
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    Montale's Aoud Musk
    Nasomatto's Black Afgano
    Carner's Cuirs
    Hermes' Un Jardin Sur Le Nil
    Montale's Aoud Leather
    Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather
    Now's Peppermint Essential Oil
    Armani's Oud Royal

    Maison Martin Margiela's (untitled)

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    Default Re: All Black

    Theres a thin line between suave black and goth black.

    Nothing wrong with either but just be aware of it.
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    Default Re: All Black

    I often wear color, as a result it seems when I wear black it really pops.

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    Default Re: All Black

    I will occasionally pull out the all-black look as well. In fact, for my wedding, I had: black shoes, black socks, black tux, black vest, black shirt, black tie. Sure, it was a bit out there...but it looked GOOD. Then, as Beast said...I'll throw in some color from time-to-time and it's awesome.

    It's not a look I do everyday, but I probably pull it out once every 1-2 weeks (usually it's black shoes, pants, and a polo...and the polo often has some pattern to it).
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    Default Re: All Black

    As long as textures are distinct, it's a good look. Appropriate almost anywhere.

    I wear a lot of black and charcoal grey. Neutrals make your personality stand out more because your clothes don't speak for you so much!

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    Default Re: All Black

    I personally find all black boring to look at.

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    Default Re: All Black

    I only own a few black items, don't think I'm ever all in black.

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    Default Re: All Black

    Lighter skin people could do really well with dark clothing, but people who are darker skinned can wear light colored clothing MUCH better than us white people.

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    Default Re: All Black

    I wear a lot of black. I'm a self-proclaimed "casual goth" though. I often pair a black shirt with a bright colored tie when I dress up. I like the contrast.

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    And memoir man happens to be one of my favorite scents too!

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    Default Re: All Black

    I wear black a lot. Often all black paired with dark, raw jeans. I think I tend to wobble between sleek and clown-like (à la CdG).

    I agree with hedonist above in that you need to have an extra critical eye when you wear all black, because it's so charged with all kinds of meaning – it's extremely important how you accessorize black.
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    Default Re: All Black

    I'd consider this, yet not quite all black, just certain black basics if they complements the wardrobe (both fragrance and clothes) quite stylishly.

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    Default Re: All Black

    I used to wear a lot of black, but realized that i looked like i worked part time at olive garden. I try to mix it up now and again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pao444life View Post
    I used to wear a lot of black, but realized that i looked like i worked part time at olive garden. I try to mix it up now and again.
    Hey, didn't I order some breadsticks a while ago?

    I usually wear mostly black, black shirt and boots with a mixture of differnt colored blue or beige jeans. I did the whole all black look when I was younger and I live in Florida. Not a good mix in the summer here. My fashion statement caused me to sweat profously although it was great as I have a horrible tendancy to spill coffee on myself when I am driving/communting. Seems like everytime I wear anything other than a black shirt, I get some kind of mark on it. All black suits for an evening out are sharp!

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