First of all, caveat: This is not fact written in stone. It's MY OPINION.

I'm not trying to be a niche-head or an elitist here, but I'm not going to let the fear of being called names like that stop me from expressing my honest opinion.

I think in many cases, you get what you pay for. Most fragrances that you could get for $50 or less are not really good quality. I'm not saying fragrances above $100 are all worth the price either, because that's the niche priceline and niche fragrances tend to make hate-or-love fragrances that are peculiar and challenge people to expand their tastes. So, even if you spend $250 on a niche fragrance, you may hate it. But the chances of finding something you really really like above $100 is much greater than at under $50

I find, that the best priceline regarding the quality you get versus the amount of money you pay (for a regular size bottle, around 100ml) is $50 to $100. This is the price line of Dior, Hermes, Chanel, Mugler, and other quality houses.

The more under $50 you go, the more your chances of buying an amazing fragrance approaches zero.

Under $40, there are definitely some good ones to be fair, but your choices are limited
Under $30, maybe 1 or 2.
Under $20, forget about it.

The lower down you go, the more synthetic the notes are, the poorer the longevity and projection, the more generic they become, the more lack of artistic direction, and etc.

I'll put it this way. If Rochas Man, The Dreamer and Body Kouros were $75, would you have bought them?

So for those looking for an amazing fragrance for $30 or less, I would tell them to suggest, maybe saving up $30 or 40 more dollars and getting a really nice fragrance. Better than spending $25, not liking it, and then buying another cheapie. A fragrance is an investment, and likely, a bottle will last you years. If you live in a developed country, in a house with electricity, chances are you can afford ONE good bottle.

Just my honest opinion.

Agree or disagree?

Let me know your opinion.