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    Default How does Givenchy Pi compare?

    Smelled this cologne thought it smelled delicious and I already have Angel Men and Le Male, but what do you guys think of this particular fragrance and of the smell? I thought it smelled very sweet sugary vanilla and almost like burned brown sugar which I LOVE, but should I buy this over something like Egoiste and how does it stack up to the two that I already have?

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    Default Re: How does Givenchy Pi compare?

    I own it and like it. Egoiste is also great. For me, Pi is different than Le Male and A*Men which I also like.

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    Default Re: How does Givenchy Pi compare?

    The Le Male is a sweet vanilla frag as well, though not as sweet as Givenchy PI. So, If you really love it buy it, but I would go for the Egoiste instead seeing as Le Male and Pi are very similar.
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