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    Default Re: How daring, or conservative are you with your frags?

    I love anything that tickles my pickle just right. I love exciting, avant-garde frags! But have no problem simple and calm.

    The only thing i have a problem with is overly sweet scents. They nauseate me immediately.
    Currently wearing: Vétiver by Christian Dior

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    Default Re: How daring, or conservative are you with your frags?

    Very, very conservative. I tried daring when I first joined this board. My wife and the only child at the time didn't appreciate it. I remember coming home after a big sampling of by Kilian Straight to Heaven. It was extremely boozy on me. My wife and her sister thought it was obnoxious and horrible. After that and 2 more little ones I had to shut down the experimentation like that. Though she likes spice in something like Burberry London...still mild in comparison. I pretty much try to stay in my lane as a 40s, well dressed attorney.
    "As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round."
    --Ben Hogan

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    Default Re: How daring, or conservative are you with your frags?

    Well, I just ordered myself a bottle of A*Men

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    Default Re: How daring, or conservative are you with your frags?

    i wear all kinds of fragrances, from most safe to most daring.

    but in the end, most of the fragrances i like happen to be a balance of both:
    unique and different but still very likable and appealing

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    Default Re: How daring, or conservative are you with your frags?

    I could wear MKK to work.

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    Default Re: How daring, or conservative are you with your frags?

    Quote Originally Posted by noggs View Post
    I love animalic fragrances and have no problem wearing them for social occasions or even to the office.

    I agree with alfarom that use of this type of ingredient was common in classical perfumery. It has only been for the past couple of decades that people have turned their backs on the richness and complexity offered by animalics and looked towards the cheap, simple smells of cleaning compounds or soft drinks as something to be desired.

    Times do change, though. If during the '70s you had worn something that smelled like shampoo or liquid dishwash or fruit syrup you would've been considered quite daring!

    Don't fret over this, and don't feel as if you have to like something because others do. As a fragrance lover you should educate yourself, but as for wearing fragrances, wear what you like and what you are comfortable with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hedonist222 View Post
    I'll pour absolutes of castoreum and/or civet on myself without giving it a second thought.
    A man after my own heart!
    I hadn't realized how animalic oud (the type we like) was until I got into perfumery through forums.
    After learning what civet and castoreum smelled like it, I was surprised how I didn't find them challenging, difficult and all those cautionary adjectives that are tied to them by people on the forum. I then realized its because the oud we've been wearing for decades was, in essence, animalic. My favorites ones (from pre-BN days) were the most animalic. Almost fecal.

    Yumm I'm craving it now. Tonight I'll wear oud oil & Beyond Love.

    Wifey introduced me to this divine medley of tuberose and oud.
    for swap/sale:

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