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    Default Are samples the real deal?

    My wife recently introduced me to the world of fragrances.... and my enthusiasm translated into buying many samples from perfumed court... with others still on the way from lucky scent.

    So, on one hand it is really great to have these samples at home and explore them in that way.

    On the other hand, my wife tried Channel #5 and Shalimar... and they both disappeared fairly quickly, #5 was essentially gone in 1/2 hour, From my understanding, that has to be seriously wrong.

    So, I am wondering if sometimes the sample that you get in those small vials are diluted? Maybe some are old?

    Any comments will be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Are samples the real deal?


    No, in general samples are not diluted or old. Sometimes, it makes a difference whether something is dabbed on or sprayed, the spray tends to have more power, also because, unknowingly, one tends to use more.

    Longevity depends on many factors. Drier types of skin can literally eat perfume. Also, be aware of smell fatigue. After a while, a nose zooms out a smell, so you don't smell what you're wearing, but other people can (same as when someone stinks from sweat. One cannot feel oneself, but others can), so it's always worth to ask another person.

    In the specific, Chanel no 5 eau de toilette is rather fleeting on me as well. The edp is much more long lasting. Shalimar lasts well on me, so I'm surprised on that.


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    Default Re: Are samples the real deal?

    I haven't tested it out, but I also think the sprays from those little spray decants are often smaller than you'd get from the full bottle. This is certainly the case with Creeds because the Creed sprayers pump at a huge blast.

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    Default Re: Are samples the real deal?

    Samples are the real deal. Smaller portions come out of the sprayers, so you get less fragrance on your skin which leads to less projection. With dab samples, you rub the fragrance on your skin which also gives less projection. It doesn't let the notes breakdown slowly.
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    Default Re: Are samples the real deal?

    Samples are the same juice as the bottle.

    With samples, people tend to be conservative, putting on only as much as they need to because the sample is small and they don't want to waste it. With a full bottle, people tend to spray more. So that could account for the different.

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    Default Re: Are samples the real deal?

    The reasons fellow BN have already mentioned, storage, smaller sprayer, dab one, etc. It would make no sense for a company to use an inferior product as samples.

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    Default Re: Are samples the real deal?

    They're the real deal.

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    Default Re: Are samples the real deal?

    Thanks to everyone for the feedback
    I very much appreciate it

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