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    Hi Guys

    I bought a bottle off this site a few months back and I wasnt so impressed with the purchase. The juice smelt funny and the serial number was scrapped off the bottle. They however, do offer reasonable prices for their stock(Australian price wise).

    Anyone purchased from them before and what was the experience like.


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    I have purchased from them twice, through their ebay auctions, not their own website. The postage was quick, and the fragrances were excellent, IMO. Both my bottles still have the serial number on them.....Both were Creed.

    I wonder why the serial number was scraped off? Maybe it was old stock, and they didn't want you finding out how old it was. That could also explain the off scent.

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    Highly regarded. Mnay purchases. Never a problem.

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    I've purchased from them twice, had no problems & was happy with both purchases.

    Sounds like you got a grey market fragrance (which doesn't necessarily mean it's not genuine). Maybe it was old stock? Contact them & see what they say.
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