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    Default Re: SOTD Thursday 10 January 2013

    G, may you have safe, comfortable travels and a fantastic trip!

    Quarry, I'm so glad I asked! Your post was exactly what I needed this afternoon -- thank you. Woe is moi, indeed! I know how you feel, though. There are very few places here to go sniffing, and our Sephora store has the most woefully-stocked fragrance section of any Sephora I've visited. The highlight of my local sniffing for 2012 was when Von Maur started carrying some Bond No. 9, but none of the really interesting ones -- just the I Love NY line. Woe is most definitely moi.

    Late posting today, but all the better, because I'm loving the dry-down of Annick Goutal Les Orientalistes - Myrrhe Ardente. Actually, I loved the entire experience. I don't get the much-bemoaned accord d'root beer. Myrrh often presents with a leather tinge on me -- combine that with the lovely resin and tonka/benzoin, and I'm in heaven.

    Weather update: the promised rain has not appeared. We, too, are forecast a deep freeze for the weekend. But no snow. (Sniff)
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    Default Re: SOTD Thursday 10 January 2013

    Hey again -

    I know some of you are absolutely itching for snow and I sure hope y'all get loads of it, but I'm soooo ready for spring now. I mean really, once Christmas is done with what's the point of winter? In the meantime, I've been enjoying L'Instant this afternoon for my much-needed magnolia fix ...I say this all the time, but magnolias in winter are just such a treat!

    Quarry, my initial enthusiasm for those ersatz "Miss Diors" was quickly replaced by deep disappointment. I was really hoping to find a replacement for the first Miss Dior Chérie. I started with Le Parfum after reading positive things about it, but it has rose at its center and, although I adore rose notes, this just shouldn't be rosy, so I switched it for the edp, which was closer but still wasn't right ...and the longevity was deplorable. I took it back too, and have given up on the line forever. pomander is your lady if you want to know the good news about the new stuff, not I. I'm just glad I have enough vintage Miss Dior to keep me happy for a while, as well as the fun and flirty original Miss Dior Chérie, but it's too bad that these are now almost irreplaceable.
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    Default Re: SOTD Thursday 10 January 2013

    Etro Shaal Nur.
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    Default Re: SOTD Thursday 10 January 2013

    Serge Lutens Cuir Maresque (one of my favorites).

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    Default Re: SOTD Thursday 10 January 2013

    Lots of doctor's appointments today....I was correct about needing a new prescription for my glasses.

    Now, to choose the perfect frame. I want funky.....colorful.....retro. Frames are really difficult to choose.

    Fragrance wasn't....Annick Goutal Eau de Sud for the day & tonight Encense Flamboyant.

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    Default Re: SOTD Thursday 10 January 2013

    Love by Kilian. A forgotten sample. But noteworthy beautiful.

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    Default Re: SOTD Thursday 10 January 2013

    I have been sampling to let a friend know what my impression is,so, I have worn Jo Malone Amber & lavender(very masculine and musky), Tom Ford's Violet Blonde(love this) and Agent Provocateur( another lovely one).
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    Default Re: SOTD Thursday 10 January 2013

    I'm wearing Sublime today ... a golden ray of sunshine in an otherwise gray, drizzle-y day. It was a day off from work though, so I'm not complaining! It was so wonderful to sleep in this morning to the sounds of a gentle rain. And then I was busy this afternoon cleaning out kitchen drawers and cabinets. It feels good to be getting so organized. (Don't ask about my perfume samples and decants though ... I don't think they will ever be organized!)

    G, wishing you safe travels and a fun time!

    hugs to all ...
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    Default Re: SOTD Thursday 10 January 2013

    SotE - Tom Ford Extreme by Tom Ford (from a sample)

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