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    Default Flowerbomb owners please help

    I was hoping to get help on the authenticity of this bottle my gf acquired recently. According to cosmeticcheck it is a bottle from 08. The box and bottle #'s do match up. The juice is darker and V&R is missing on the tag that sticks out from the cap. It smells alot sweeter than the current formulation though the flowerbomb dna is there. Does the tag have small circles with V&R that could've fallen off? Is it authentic? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Flowerbomb owners please help

    I just ran to Nordstrom to check this out for you. It appears that the V&R bit is a separate piece and can be popped off (although I didn't actually try to do it). Everything else looks alright, although your images are pretty bad quality so any tell-tale signs could be easily missed. From what I see, if it is a fake it's a really good one.

    Also, regarding the color...I haven't paid much attention to the effects of time on Flowerbomb. My girlfriend has a bottle but it's only a year old and it has been stored properly. I wouldn't be surprised if the juice in your bottle has darkened a bit though. I was also under the impression that there has been at least one reformulation since Flowerbomb was released, which may account for any variation in smell. I have personally never liked it and, as such, never paid much attention to the subtleties of its scent.
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    Default Re: Flowerbomb owners please help

    Man thanks for checking it out. Yeah it's just an ok scent to me i've been trying to get her to try other things and she does but always comes back. Just her thing i guess. I really appreciate it, you've made my day!

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    Default Re: Flowerbomb owners please help

    No worries! And regarding your girlfriend's tastes, it just takes time and experience. My girlfriend started the year wearing Pink Sugar and has since moved onto Niki de Saint Phalle. And of course there are always some gems in the candyfloss and fruity-patchouli neighborhood (Angel, Lolita Lempicka, etc.). Anyway, glad I could be helpful! Take care!

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