When I first signed up for Basenotes and got into wearable fragrances, I was getting excited and trying all sorts of stuff. I was impatient and blind bought and bought things I ended up not loving.
Soon enough I wanted to get my wife something nice to wear.

I posted a thread asking if getting an ex's sig frag was okay, to which the response was a resounding "no." I hadn't dated that gf for long, I liked the frag a lot, and I went and bought it. I told my wife about how I discovered the frag and she was ok with it because it wasn't anyone serious and she then had a collection of 2.

A few months later and 2 things happened.
1. She has had the chance to refine her taste and now she primarily wears Hermes Toit or Mediterranee.
2. I was wearing it myself one day since my wife stopped and it triggered an olfactive memory.

When I got off work I took some pictures and posted the frag on Ebay. My wife saw me and asked why. I told her and she said ok, she didn't like it anymore anyway.

So here I am posting a thread to admit I was wrong and that you, collectively as female basenoters, were right.