Hi all,

Like a few BNers who have gone before me, I recently acquired the Etat Libre d'Orange discovery set - a pack of 25 samples from their range plus a voucher for a half price bottle of my favourite.

After much sniffing I think I've finally narrowed it down to a 'top three' but each have pros and cons:

1) Out in front is Jasmine et Cigarette. A wonderful fragrance but I'm concerned it might be a touch feminine for me. It is also the least long lasting and projecting of the three.

2) Tom of Finland. Another fine fragrance although this one is slightly more expensive; I already own a number of leather-based frags and I'm concerned that it's a bit of a crowd pleaser and not a true representation of the rebellious spirit of the house (this may well be the only ELdO I ever own).

3) Antiheros. All lavender all the way through. I really enjoy this but I do find it a bit one dimensional and fleeting on my skin.

Some runners up include Rien, and Noel au Balcon as a rank outsider.

Any thoughts, guys and gals?