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    Default Re: Kerosene: Unknown Pleasures. New Fragrance (?)

    Quote Originally Posted by SculptureOfSoul View Post
    I get that it's a french affectation, but why just this word?

    Oh, I know why. It's because Marc Robes does it.
    One of the 7,000 annoying things about most yt reviewers...

    This frag sounds interesting, will sample.
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    Default Re: Kerosene: Unknown Pleasures. New Fragrance (?)

    I get a little bit of tea with a honey/caramel. I'm not experienced enough to pick out every ingredient, but it does smell very nice. Longevity is decent. It does start to give me a headache if I smell it too much though.

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    Default Re: Kerosene: Unknown Pleasures. New Fragrance (?)

    Not a fan. It's an interesting scent, but it's too lemony and sweet for me. I wouldn't wear this. I got my sample from crystal flacon.

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    Default Re: Kerosene: Unknown Pleasures. New Fragrance (?)

    I have tried this gourmand several times and its a good gourmand scent. A nip of lemon of the top and then headfirst into a freshly made waffle cone filled with french vanilla ice cream. Projection is moderate and longevity is, on me, around 8hrs.
    There are other gourmands(andvanillas) I prefer. With the high price tagas well I'll pass.
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