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    Default Re: Sample Pass: Aldehydics

    Quote Originally Posted by PerfumedLady View Post
    And I live right between you two, and I know our BN Mommy Quarry is up for Chicago! Yes, let's all go watch Schilling sniff jujy! Then maybe go find some perfumes to sniff!
    A Jujy Pass. Would that be a Basenotes first? Squirt her, sniff her and pass her around. It sort of reminds me of when an old boss of mine hired two naked girls to lie on a table and wear sushi for a couple of hours at a party. More decadent than hygienic.

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    Default Re: Sample Pass: Aldehydics


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    Seriously, Chicago is out of the question for a while. I'm having a total hip replacement in early June, can't travel before then (too painfil), and will be recuperating after. Schilling, did we meet in my 20s? Wait, that may have been before you were born...
    What do insomniac perfumers do to fall asleep? They count chypres!

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