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    Default Best addition to my tiny "collection"?

    I'm not a collector but I'm looking for a personal scent.

    Of the scents I have, there isn't one that is really awesome, or something I would want to wear everyday.

    The ones I like I have thus far are Animale Animale for Men, and CK one. Azzaro Chrome is also ok but I want something not so summery as my go-to scent. I really couldn't get myself to like Azzaro Pour Homme... and I have a couple other so-so scents like Claiborne Sport, Burberry Weekend, and Ferrari Black.

    I have narrowed it down to Burberry London, Brit, or Hanae Mori HM. I personally like sweet and floral scents, I don't want something citrisy or summery with the next one I get.

    What would you recommend out of the three in terms of uniqueness, versatility, and overall quality? or are there any other recommendations within the similar price range?

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    Default Re: Best addition to my tiny "collection"?

    Gucci PH II

    But out of the ones youve narrowed it down to, I'd go with London.

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    Default Re: Best addition to my tiny "collection"?

    Burberry London!

    And if you want a powerfull sweet one: Homme Jaipür EDP.

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    Default Re: Best addition to my tiny "collection"?

    Sweet and floral?

    Dior Homme Intense

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    Default Re: Best addition to my tiny "collection"?

    Out of your list I will choose Brit

    For other suggestion I would suggest Midnight in Paris by Van Cleef & Arpels (if you can then go with the EDP version but the EDT also very good). It's a sweet/gourmand scent with a slight flowery topnotes. It smells really expensive just like a royal ball/dance. Last time I check it's under $40 on
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    Default Re: Best addition to my tiny "collection"?


    Among the three, I'd go with Hanae Mori. But agree with Luca: for sweet and floral, Dior Homme (intense or regular) seems superior.


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    Default Re: Best addition to my tiny "collection"?

    Burberry London!
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    Default Re: Best addition to my tiny "collection"?

    Burberry London.
    But I'd rather go with Rochas Man!
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    Default Re: Best addition to my tiny "collection"?

    Burberry London

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    Default Re: Best addition to my tiny "collection"?

    Have you sampled any of your choices? Worn them for three days straight each? Do YOU think any of them are awesome or something you would want to wear every day? As someone who also has a tiny "collection" and is really looking for a personal scent, those would be my only criteria.

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    Default Re: Best addition to my tiny "collection"?

    burberry london is superior to hanae mori and brit by far.

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    Default Re: Best addition to my tiny "collection"?


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    Default Re: Best addition to my tiny "collection"?

    None of them, they are all so generic, buy something completely different and you will feel special for a year!

    Piguet Bandit!
    Or even better 1740:-) by Histories dP , its sweet and bit less floral, but dont buy any of the 3!:-) when something is special to your nose you would not come here for advice you could not resist buying it! You dont like any of the 3 that much!

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    Default Re: Best addition to my tiny "collection"?

    id say something like inviduale or prada amber for men. these are just two popular frag there two many out there.
    Any opinions I post here about frags only reflect MY PERSONAL TASTE and only my personal preference which could change at any moment.

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