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    Default Rediscovering my Arso

    Interesting story.......or maybe not, I lost one of my fragrance samples. It was Fumidus by Profumum. I had taped the little vial with masking tape high up onto one of the legs of one of my utility shelves. I know that may sound strange. I never did that with any other sample. I think my thinking was I just wanted to keep it out of the reach of small children, pets and other delicate life forms and just to know where it was for some reason maybe because I consider it a little weird. Anyway, one day the sample wasn't there, just the masking tape that had held it and I looked and looked all over and couldn't find it and decided I'd probably vacuumed it up but it really bugged me. That was a long time ago. And then the other day I found it on the floor under some junk. And...... I still don't care for it all that much. But... finding it did cause me to retry Arso also by Profumum. What a great rediscovery for me.
    I'd reviewed Arso less than a year ago and had liked it but I usually don't fall in love with these resinous manly kind of fragrances that remind me of the solvents my dad used to keep in the garage in metal pour cans. But Arso is really really nice. The resin and the smokiness are in great balance and there's a butteriness which makes it all very inviting. So I'm putting in a very good word for Arso today. I feel like I want to go wear it somewhere and see if I can impress the usual crowd with my manliness more than I usually do.

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    Default Re: Rediscovering my Arso

    It's amazing that things turn up when you least expect them to.

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    Default Re: Rediscovering my Arso

    That's one interesting thread title...
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    Default Re: Rediscovering my Arso

    Cool story.
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