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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    Coty ~ Wild Woods
    Coty ~ Aspen
    Avon ~ Tomorrow for Men
    Perry Ellis ~ Portfolio Green
    Intimately Beckham
    Perry Ellis ~ Perry Black for Him (NOT the 360 Black)
    Animale Animale
    Caron ~ Yatagan
    Moschino ~ Friends
    BBW ~ Black Amethyst

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    In no order:
    Ungaro Pour L'homme III
    Lomani Ignition
    Avon Tomorrow for Men
    Animale Animale
    Rochas Man
    Dirty English
    Set Sail Saint Barts
    Bvlgari Black
    Versace The Dreamer

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    Lomani Ignition
    Lomani Essential (red)
    Blue Sugar
    Chastity Rasasi
    Animale Animale
    Versace The Dreamer
    Cotton Club Jeanne Arthes
    Sweet & Sour Carbon Linn Young
    My astonishing Top 10 fragrances :

    1. Hombre by Victorio & Lucchino
    2. Antidote Viktor&Rolf
    3. Pure Havane Thierry Mugler
    4. Ambre Baldessarini
    5. Pure Malt Thierry Mugler
    6. Ultrared Men Paco Rabanne
    7. Jacques Fath pour L`Homme
    8. Silver Scent Jacques Bogart
    9. Chastity Men Rasasi
    10. Blue Sugar Aquolina

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    In no particular order either:

    Ungaro III
    Rive Gauche
    Francesco Smalto PH
    Roberto Capucci PH
    Braukmann Classic by Hildegard Braukmann
    Caractere by Daniel Hechter
    Halston Z14
    Crabtree&Evelyn Sandalwood
    Faconnable PH
    L'Erbolario Neroli

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    Here is 5 cheapies i like
    Boss bottle
    Original penguin
    Mandarina duck pure black
    Van C. & A mid night in Paris
    L Occitane Vetiver
    Currently wearing: Oud Wood by Tom Ford

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    Azzaro PH
    Nautica Voyage
    pinaud Clubman
    Halston 1-12
    Bvlgari black
    Tommy Bahama st sail st Bart's
    tommy bahama
    Yardly Citrus and woods
    L'essence de Cerrutti
    Dirty English

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    Well, I guess I'll put my $30 worth in too...

    10. Mercury by NOVAYA ZARYA (gawd the stuff is STRONG but I like it)
    09. Zirh Ikon
    08. Passion by Elizabeth Taylor (for men)
    07. Jacomo de Jacomo
    06. Perry Ellis Black for Him
    05. Wings by Geogio Beverly Hills
    04. Quorum by Antonio Puig
    03. Bogart CityTower Jacques Bogart
    02. One Man Show Jacques Bogart
    01. Montana Black Edition

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    Fresco Ilum Dean
    24 Gold!!
    Boucheron Jaipur Homme
    Lush Dirty
    B Men
    Body Shop Amber Oud
    Drakkar Noir
    Super ISO E off ebay

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    Too many to choose from but some I like
    Grey Flannel
    Oscar de la Renta pour Lui
    Arpege (women's)
    Rochas Femme
    Woods of Windsor

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    Bulgari Pour Homme Extreme
    Al Rehab Silver
    Zirh Ikon
    Rochas Man
    lolita lempicka

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    Quote Originally Posted by WildandYoung View Post
    Hello everyone! I see these lists float around every now and then, but I'm curious to see a good one. Plus, it can never hurt to know a couple more bang for your buck fragrances!
    Some rules;
    -Must be $30 or less for the bigger bottle...don't say "30ml for $28", let's just try and keep it for truly under $30 cheapies.
    -Give your lists in order if possible. I'd prefer to know your true favorite as opposed to 10 good cheapies in any order.
    Let's go!

    10) Cool Water
    9) Cuba Gold
    8) Intimately Beckham
    7) Diesel Plus Plus
    6) Activist by The Body Shop
    5) Corduroy by Zirh
    4) The Secret by Antonio Banderas
    3) Legend by Michael Jordan
    2) Nautica Voyage
    1) 360 Red by Perry Ellis

    Post your thoughts on mine as well as your own lists
    +1 for Cool Water and Cuba Gold

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by pawful View Post
    Bulgari Pour Homme Extreme
    Al Rehab Silver
    Zirh Ikon
    Rochas Man
    lolita lempicka
    +1 for Zirh Ikon
    Currently wearing: Black to Black by Mancera

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    I'll limit myself to 10 that are seriously cheap, but that I really enjoy. There are many, many more. In no particular order:

    Quorum Silver
    Kiss Him
    Caron Yatagan
    Pierre Cardin PM
    Azzaro PH
    Azzaro Visit
    Pinaud Clubman
    Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve
    Zirh Ikon

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    Cool Water
    Azzaro PH
    Nautica Voyage
    Grey Flannel
    Jovan Sex Appeal (I really like this one, plus the Aftershave).
    Clubman Special Reserve

    That's all I can come up with right now.

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    Giorgio for Men
    Grey Flannel
    Body Shop White Musk for Men
    Old Spice
    Tommy Bahama (brown)
    Azzaro PH
    Avon Mesmerize
    Jovan Musk for Men
    Molinard Patchouli

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    Man how could I forget Old Spice!! That definitely must be on the list! Anyone here a fan of The Body Shop Activist for a good cheapie?

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    Hmm…. Of my collection, my best of under 30$ club would be –
    Tattoo – $9.99 at TJ Maxx, the bottle tends to leak a little but the scent is worth far more than the $9.99 price tag.
    Dunhill Desire - $19.99 at TJ Maxx, a wonderful creamy vanilla lemon.
    Versace Dreamer – under $30 but I am not sure where I bought it. The opening (top notes) are pretty harsh and it takes some time getting used too but if you can get passed the first minute or so then you are in for a treat because this fragrance is one of the best dry downs out there.
    Dirty English – under $25 at Gordmans. This is a wonderful sweet vanilla tobacco scent… well worth the money.
    Ungaro pour homme 3 – under $30 online. This scent just smells like money, very sophisticated.
    YSL Live Jazz - under $30 online. A wonderful minty citrus scent.
    Hanae Mori HM - under $30 online. A wonderful citrus scent.
    Midnight in Paris – Got it for a steal at TJ Maxx for $15. A hard scent for me to describe but all I can say is that it is awesome.
    Zino – under $25 from Amazon. A lite yet sophisticated scent.
    Jaguar Classic Amber - $16.99 at Ross. A wonderful sweet vanilla amber type scent.

    Ok that is my top ten… I wish I was better at describing scents but that is not my strong suit.
    Living each day one spray at a time

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    Rochas man
    Encre noir
    Hanae mori hm
    Polo black
    L'occitane eaux des beaux
    Parfume de nicolai sologne
    Nautica voyage

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    I am curious as to where you guys find 24 Gold for under 30 bucks?
    My Ultimate Top 5:

    Fahrenheit (1988)
    Le Vetiver Itasca (2010)
    Arpege pour Homme (2005)

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    I didn't know you could buy anything for $30 anymore. Why not live a little and spend $34 for 50 ml of Clinique Happy for Men at Sears. Use the rest of your 50 bucks to pick up a good 10mm combo wrench.

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    Azzaro pour Homme
    Curve Soul
    Davidoff Cool Water
    Ferre Bergamotto Marino
    Grey Flannel
    Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge
    Montana Homme
    R de Revillon
    Ungaro III
    Zirh Ikon

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    1) Elsha 1776 Russian Leather -- $5.56/oz
    2) Vermeil for Men -- $2.88/oz
    3) Montana Parfum d'Homme -- $3.57/oz
    4) Lapidus pH -- $4.71/oz
    5) Bowling Green $5.24/oz
    6) Giorgio for Men -- $3.64/oz
    7) One Man Show -- $3.03/oz
    8) Tabac Original -- $2.48/oz
    9) Old Spice (Shulton) -- $3.33/oz
    10) 4711 -- $1.48/oz
    Wanna Shop? --> Buzier's Sales

    MY TOP 25%: Al Oudh, Azzaro pH, Basala, Bel Ami, Black Afgano, Blackbird, Blend 30, Bull's Blood, Chaps Original, Cuba, DK Men - Fuel, Davidoff '84, Derby, Edition, Elsha 1776, Equipage, Eau d' Hermes, Egoiste Cologne Concentree, Fetish pH, Fougere Royal reissue, Genghis Khan, Green Water, Havana, Jules, Kiehl's Musk, Knize Ten, Kouros, L'Homme Sage, Leather Oud, Loewe pH, Monogram, Montecristo, Musc Ravageur, Olibanum, Perry Ellis for Men Original, Piper Nigrum, Polo, Puredistance M, Santal Noble, Santalum, Sandalo (Villoresi), Tea for Two, Tribute Attar, Ungaro II, Versace l'homme, Yatagan, YSL pH
    Currently wearing: Versace l'Homme by Versace

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    The original Baldessarini. Natural-smelling, sophisticated, sexy.
    keepin' it musky
    Currently wearing: Frapin 1270 by Frapin

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    All nice lists!

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    Everything in my Wardrobe My Favorites from 1st to last.

    1. Caron Third Man
    2. Cuba Gold
    3. Bergamotto Marino
    4. Perry Ellis 360 Red
    5. Michael (Kors)
    6. Versus versace
    7. Caron I'Anarchiste
    8. Nicloe Miller
    9. Versace Pour Homme
    10.CK Eternity
    Smelling Good on a Budget!

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    1. caron- 3rd man
    2. caron - l'anarchiste
    3. VC&A - pour homme
    4. encre noir

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    Michael jordan legend 360 white and red basi homme aspen curve bogart pour homme fujiyami chrome legend cuba gold

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    I don't know many cheapies so here's my two cents:

    - Zino
    - Romeo Gigli Man
    - Benneton Colors for men

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    Giorgio Wings
    Curve Soul
    Curve Crush
    Tommy By Tommy Hilfiger
    Versace The Dreamer
    Ed Hardy Love and Luck
    Halston Catalyst
    CK Eternity & Obsession
    Drakkar Noir

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    I've just ordered Caron The Third Man blindly

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    Default Re: Top 10 Cheapies!

    Quote Originally Posted by fragrance123 View Post
    I've just ordered Caron The Third Man blindly
    You won't be disappointed anyway!
    My all time favorite:

    Dior Fahrenheit

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