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    Default Ma Collection lovers - your impressions wanted

    Hi fellow Patou lovers
    This year my search for quality vintages is focused on the Ma Collection. I was fortunate enough to find the following already:

    Que sais-je?
    Divine Folie
    Adieu Sagasse
    Moment Supreme
    Amour Amour

    I also have two minis coming
    L'Heure Attendue

    I would be keen to hear what fellow Ma Collection lovers think of these and also which of the remaining ones I should put high on my list.

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    Default Re: Ma Collection lovers - your impressions wanted

    I own Vacances, a great green chypre, on the clean side. Curiously, the first time I had smelled it from a sample I sensed a big almondy heliotropin note, but when I bought a recent edt, this note was not in evidence.

    I'm very curious about Normandie. And I remember reading something about some strange note in Colony, but forgot what. Can you describe?


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    Default Re: Ma Collection lovers - your impressions wanted

    I'll be doing reviews, albeit very brief, of all my collection when I have received everything.

    Vacances is probably the rarest of them all, being a limited edition. It's such an unusual combination of only 6 notes, quite sparse compared with other Ma Collection examples, except perhaps for Que sais-je? which only has four notes

    Since I wrote this request I am delighted to report that I have won about 45mls of Moment Supreme pure parfum, in the drop dead gorgeous bottle. I already own Moment Supreme and adore it. However, it is remarkably fleeting, being only cologne, so I have been really interested in finding a bottle of the pure parfum at a price I can afford.

    Here's a link to another bottle to show what it is like.


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    Default Re: Ma Collection lovers - your impressions wanted

    I own and treasure Moment Supreme (it does not age well at all leaving you often with its most wonderful sensual base only) and Que sais-je?, both in EdT and Extrait. Very potent stuff! Colony features a prominent pineapple note on a civet base that I found rather off-putting. Normandie is rather nice, at times not too far off of the original Tabac Blond. I'd recommend Cocktail - a refeshing, outdoors-y delight with a similar sweetish civet base that is not for me. I once wrote short reviews for a handful of the Ma Collection fragrances.

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    Default Re: Ma Collection lovers - your impressions wanted

    No. 1: Caline
    No. 2: Vacances

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    Default Re: Ma Collection lovers - your impressions wanted

    Moment Supreme is apparently Henry Almeras' favourite among his many creations. It's a wonderfully complex perfume, with such an interesting way of counter-balancing the sweet and dry floral elements. I love it and am hoping most fervently that my pure parfum is in good condition. The cologne I have is very light, almost fleeting.

    The initial blast of notes is one of the loveliest I have encountered and I would love to hold onto those notes a little longer. So, maybe I'm lucky that there are top notes there. The lavender is clearly felt and I love the way it combines with citrus notes. Whilst in this phase, I could just drown in its beauty.

    Every phase is lovely in its own right. This morning the dry down was an olfactory delight, as I revived the notes under a warm shower and breathed in the last of the base notes' beauty.

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