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    Default how to enhance hazel eyes

    What is your favorite way to enhance hazel eyes? I've read gold eyeshadow can help highlight the color, but I'm concerned that may not overall flatter me.

    Do you have any advice to share?

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: how to enhance hazel eyes

    Sorry don't have them, mine are light blue/grey/green.

    BUT, if you want the green to pop more then go for lilacs and purples shades.

    Don't just go by your eye colour you need to take skin tone into it as well.

    Honestly I would go to a makeup counter, Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier and don't worry you do not have to pay or buy. Just as them, then say."If you don't mind can I have a walk round for a while and see how I feel about these colours."
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    Default Re: how to enhance hazel eyes

    Purple will enhance green eyes. I went to MAC and the makeup artist suggest Haux which is a very light purple color. she said it would enhance my eyes so you see them and not the color of my eyeshadow.

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