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    Default Clive Christian question

    If you were able to buy just ONE Clive Christian item ever, what would it be? And why?

    I have been eyeing Clive Christian for a while, but, frankly, can't find enough of an excuse to go there. People saying it's overrated doesn't exactly help.

    Please talk me into it if you feel it's worth it.

    Please confirm it's not if you feel it's not.

    Veni, Vidi, Visa.

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    Default Re: Clive Christian question

    Number 1 for men. Nice vanilla and woods....Nuff said
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    Default Re: Clive Christian question

    Oh, that sounds very nice. Do you feel a lady (and I don't use that term lightly) can get away with wearing it?
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    Default Re: Clive Christian question

    C for Men. Tuscan Leather perfected and taken to its logical extreme. It's a very compelling mixture of oud, leather, smoke, and tobacco. It can easily be worn by a woman. My second choice would be X for Men (a very nice leather chypre). I would also say that this can be worn by a woman, but I say that about most things. Honestly, I think X for Men can be pulled off my certain kinds of women; it would definitely be a daring fragrance for some...

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    Default Re: Clive Christian question

    I love C for women... beautiful sweet floral.

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    Default Re: Clive Christian question

    Many thanks for responses. Very torn between CC and a ridiculously priced out-of-production favorite, have been losing sleep. I need to pace myself, so promised will only get one or the other. Love leather though.
    Veni, Vidi, Visa.

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    Default Re: Clive Christian question

    For me it's gotta be X for men because of my fascination with all things Geza Schoen. BUT, I also very much like C for men. But in the end I will stick with X because C is merely Tuscan Leather in disguise.

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    Default Re: Clive Christian question

    I have X for women and I do enjoy wearing it. I don't wear it that often. I wore it recently and it still smells lovely on me. My bottle has to be at least 7 or 8 years old. I want to smell V for women. I really need to go sniffing.
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    Default Re: Clive Christian question

    Can you compare X for men with something else? The notes sounds a bit similar to Puredistance M (which is a fine fragrance, but not really for me). I really love the top- and middlenotes in No 1 for men, but not very fond of it when those notes have disappeared (which happens too soon), so I'm curious about the other CCs too - especially X and C (I love Tuscan Leather btw). How's the cinnamon in X? Dry? Harsh? Sweet? Smooth? Which of the CCs would be best for spring and summer?

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