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Thread: Long-Lost Diors

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    Default Long-Lost Diors

    Yes, I'm giddy - apparently Dior took notice of Chanel, Lancome and others and is re-creating it's original library.

    Diorling is here already (I've yet to purchase), but am wondering if anyone heard anything about Dior-Dior. By far the most difficult to source, and a deep, burning desire of mine.

    Many thanks.
    Veni, Vidi, Visa.

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    Default Re: Long-Lost Diors

    Difficult, by not impossible to purchase.

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    Default Re: Long-Lost Diors

    Dior is notorious for defacing its former masterpieces. Diorissimo is miles away from what it was, and Diorella has not depth whatsoever. Dioressence keeps moving around. So I am not nurturing hopes that might be squashed.

    That said, I have not smelled Diorling, and who knows, perhaps one can always hope.


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    I smelt the rerelease when it was first available again in the UK. From what little I remember it was a leather but that's it. It's very polite, almost apologetic. Like Dioressence, Diorissimo and Diorella, which I am very familiar with in both vintage and current forms, Diorling is nice, not run of the mill but more like an echo of the original.

    For mass market leather I'll stick with Azuree

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