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    Going to New York in a month, are there any fragrances I should try/buy over there which are not available or expensive here ( Netherlands/Europa )?

    Do you have some suggestions, I would like to hear it.
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    This thread may have some useful information for you:

    Have fun!!

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    Take a stroll through the wholesale fragrance district. You just might find something unexpected.

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    The link has a long list. To be honest, Europe has more perfumes, so there's not much you cannot find in Europe. In addition to the link, you should keep an eye on Estee Lauder or Aramis, which can be found at regular department stores (for instance, Azuree is very difficult to find in Europe), and check also the cheapies in drugstores (like Duane Reade or CVS), stuff like Stetson original.


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    I agree with Hednic and Cacio on finding the unusual that is not available in Europe.
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    Thanks everybody for the tips and link!!

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