Hello, everyone.

My name is Theo. I am new here, and enjoying the virtual "company" of others who do not feel such conversation to be androgynous. I am not going to litter the forums with talks of sexuality, but my small town residents dwell on the ideas of being a "real man." I inform such people I am so confident in my masculinity, that such "labels" mean nothing to me.

I have had many ignorant individuals question my sexuality because my roommate was gay. I say was, because we no longer live together. He is forever gay though. :-) I am now married (to a woman) and playing "Mr. Mom." (not that marriage indicate sexuality) Shoot everyone, my marriage brings up another issue of sexuality. I am quite proud to inform others my wife is the bread winner. :-) Masculinity does not interfere with my ability to tell people how lucky and proud I am of my wife. Before continuing to my question, here is a funny little story. My friend, the room mate I spoke of, was being harassed by the "classic Jerk." The man told my friend that he better not "hit on him." My roommate turned to the man and said "Don't worry, you are way to feminine for me."

I write today to be advised on purchasing. I will be buying Tom Ford Purple Patchouli (maybe a little feminine, but oh well.) I live in a very small town, which does not have any "upscale stores," However, the local pharmacy is running a great sale on Aqua Velva and English Leather.
How would experienced buyers, like you, buy a bottle? I have searched the internet. I definitely worry about being sold fakes. I have located a site entitled "Perfume Network.com." Are they reputable sellers? Neiman Marcus sells the scent. Buying from NM will guarantee the authenticity of the product, but currently, only the large bottle is available. I am not wealth, thus the $456 tincture is not an option. I search for the lowest price, but must be assured the integrity of the retailer. Like it or not, the internet may opportune me a low price. The web also allows easily for consumers to be deceived. Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading, and for your respected opinions. Be well.