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    Default A*men thierry mugler taste of fragrance

    Ok so I never bought an expensive cologne before. All I own right now is Cool Water and I find that the smell doesn't really last that long and i'm becoming bored of it. I was going to buy pure havane or pure malt but since the mugler website doesn't ship to Canada I have to purchase the cologne off eBay but the prices for pure havane and pure malt are all 120$+. My question is how good is "Amen taste of fragrance". Since this is 86$ i'm just curious about how good it smells and what you guys think about it. Also i'm 16 and just wondering if this would smell to "old" for a person my age to be wearing. Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: A*men thierry mugler taste of fragrance

    Wow awesome question, thought i'd reply seen as i own 3 bottles of the stuff lol
    Basically in a nutshell, its a huge leap, its massive. Usually people trawl through loads of fragrances over the yrs getting used to all kinds of different notes and styles of fragrance.
    Thierry mugler mostly focuses on gourmands, A*men is caramel sweet with chocolate notes, pure malt is literally dark berries with caramel and a malt/whiskey vibe. A Taste of is Coffee, chili pepper, cocoa, patchouli.
    But yeah im getting sidetracked, when you spray it (ignoring the notes) you basically get a coffee/cherry aroma which is slightly sweet and strong. It smells a little dusty not too clean, cool water is a hell of a contrast lol.
    I think because you'd be buying it blind, its a complex smell and its quite a lot of money I'd seriously advise a test if you can.

    Dont let me put you off though, its a beautiful fragrance which i totally love, but if i was 16 and came across it i'd prob be like, WTF ?? lol.

    If i had to recommend something a little different but designer it literally depends on your tastes and what smells appeal to those nostrils! Back in the day my first 2 frags were Joop! homme and Armani Homme, looking back they were kinda grown up, but i still enjoyed them. If you wanna smell young then Abercrombie/Hollister could be the way to go.
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    Default Re: A*men thierry mugler taste of fragrance

    I finally sampled it a few weeks ago and would give it a 9/10. I agree you might be a bit young for it, but you'll be unique among your peers.

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    Default Re: A*men thierry mugler taste of fragrance

    I advise you to sample that one first. If you like it after that. Rock on!
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    Default Re: A*men thierry mugler taste of fragrance

    Thanks for the answer! The problem is that were I live they don't have anywhere I can test out any of the mugler colognes or buy samples. I have smelled the abercrombie and hollister sprays before. I don't hate them but to many people wear them and I don't want to smell like everyone else. I like sweet citrusy smelling colognes but I don't really no anymore other then cool water. Do you have an suggestions on colognes like that last longer and have good projection? Say I did buy taste of fragrance how far away will someone be able to smell it if i only used 2 sprays? Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: A*men thierry mugler taste of fragrance

    It will set you apart for your age, that's a sure thing. But this is a love hate fragrance...Test it if you can. Also ill add this a GREAT fragrance from that house .

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    Default Re: A*men thierry mugler taste of fragrance

    I own it and personally like it but it seems to be a polarizing scent.

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    Default Re: A*men thierry mugler taste of fragrance

    A*Men TOF is IMO most wearable A*Men flanker. To me most notable notes are red pepper, licorice and vanilla. Its really unique so I can see how some may dislike it.

    If you like sweet and kinda fresh citrussy scents I highly recommend you: JOOP Jump (can be bought for like $25 for 100ml), Hugo Boss Boss no.6. or Chanel Allure Homme Sport (this one is more expensive)

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    Default Re: A*men thierry mugler taste of fragrance

    I really like TOF and happy with my bottle. However, I don't recommend you blind buy. As others have mentioned, it's a love or hate fragrance. I also don't find it as versatile as some of the other flankers, like Malt or Havane.

    TOF starts off with a blast of chili paste. The chili note lasts all the way to the bottom note. I also get coffee in the bottom note.

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    Default Re: A*men thierry mugler taste of fragrance

    I enjoy it as much if not more than Pure Malt, but it is a unique smell. I wouldn't recommend it unless you have quite a few other fragrances in your collection.

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    Default Re: A*men thierry mugler taste of fragrance

    It is interesting to hear every else's take on this one - it really is a love/hate thing with this.

    Personally, I would lean closer to the "hate" camp. It's not the worst fragrance in the world, but other than Pure Shot, it is the worst A*Men fragrance to me. I reach for Pure Malt and Pure Havane (and even the original A*Men) over this one every time.

    Love it or hate it - you probably shouldn't blind buy this one. For the price of this one, there are other fragrances out there that would be much safer blind buys. And if you are determined to get one from this line, I personally would recommend spending the additional money and going with pure malt or pure havane.

    Good luck and welcome to Basenotes!
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    Default Re: A*men thierry mugler taste of fragrance

    I had not liked the original AMen, really I'm more of a BMen fan, but that's not the question.

    I have just started exploring the world of the flankers and like some of the new smells.

    The TOF may be my favorite, although the Leather one is quite wearable as well. I found the pepper or leather contrast well enough with the heavy sweetness which is too much for me in the original version. Pure Shot was unbalanced, sharp cold, uncomfortable. Pure Havane is not bad either, while my expectations for Pure Malt were highest, PM actually had the least character of any that I tried, barely distinct at all. I haven't tried the Pure Coffee version.

    I do not recommend buying without smelling, but TOF is a very interesting fragrance.
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    Default Re: A*men thierry mugler taste of fragrance

    I happened to try A men at a department store a few months back, since everyone on the internet seems to have something about this fragrance. Personally, I DESPISED the smell as soon as those particles left the sprayer head - it was that nasty to me.

    I believe I would represent the majority of the population, and not the online "conossiuer" type community that tends to like niche things. I like the popular fragrances that again, this community seems to dislike, but the majority of people like (based on amazing sales figures and promotion). I just don't see - or smell - how this would be good for anything than getting negative attention from 80-90% of the population.

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