For them we enhance...

Thanks to them we enjoy more...
We have more knowledge... and the task
It is easier
If they weren't, it would be like finding a needle in a haystack!
need them, us newbies, like a cane for the blind!

Thank them!

Which are the best reviewers,

that most helped you?

In my humble opinion...

1) Off-Scenter
with an abysmal knowledge and his matchless sarcasm (really I miss him a lot, already a year ago that disappeared without a trace... I remember I was one week crying...
If I had just copied old dog reviews

(2) Darvant /Alfarom the Italian pair, one all development notes, the other all historical context of perfumery2 geniuses!
Darvant is all wisdom and technicality in perfumery.
How do you make Darvant to be able to smell so many notes in a single perfume?

Alfarom is all common sense, history, humor and prodigious memory mixed with total knowledge of more almost 1000 perfumes!,

Currently there are those who I most consult
Thank you guys
!!! Grazie Ragazzi!!

(3) JTD... pearls in the world of perfumery seen from behind...

And yours?