After seeing the best reviewers threads, it got me thinking about all the reviews that I couldn't even finish reading...

I hate seeing a review that is attepting to be poetic. I don't want to read excessive analogies about what a scent does to you. I don't want to read your metaphoric description, or your three-page allegory.
If a fragrance transports you, fine; a brief description of where a fragrance takes you is fine.
I will admit I have been guilty of this. My first review I did this because I couldn't do any better than was already done. Now I know that isn't important and it will be edited soon...

Please be concise. Unless you are truly gifted at plucking out notes like some of the reviewers or the "best of" thread, or have some industry info on the frag, there is no need to write an essay.

This thread is a place to vent/complain about the type of review you do not like, not about particular reviewers.