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    Default spring daffodils?

    Can anyone recommend a fragrance that has the smell of fresh daffodils--floral/dirt/green/bulb-y, etc?

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    Default Re: spring daffodils?

    Excellent question for this time of year. I really enjoy Santa Maria Novella's Ginestra, but you don't get the dirt and bulb thing there, just fresh yellow flowers.

    Some people talked here: about other notes that are similar, and here: about yellow florals -- but again not a lot on the dirt/outdoors/root thing. I'm interested too in what people can recommend.

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    Default Re: spring daffodils?

    There's a lovely, heady whiff of jonquil in Le Temps d'une Fete but it doesn't last. Thanks for this. I may try the pure oil.

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    Default Re: spring daffodils?

    I like Paco Rabanne Metal, though it's not just narcissus, it's a combo of narcissus, a strong hyacinth top, and other green florals. Definitely fresh and springlike, though. The new Tom Ford (Ombre de Jacinthe, or something like that) isn't bad, but it lasts very little time on me. And a classic like Chamade is still worth smelling.

    I'm still on a quest for Narcisse Noir. The current edt is not interesting. I acquired a vintage EDC, it is good, but too neroil-orange blossom, I expected more noir. But perhaps it's just a matter of concentration, higher concentrations may be deeper.

    I have a Narciso extract from Farmacia Santissima Annunziata and a room spray from Parfums de Nicolai, which are excellent, but they are not perfumes, they are for the room.


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    Default Re: spring daffodils?

    Mon Coeur by Fragonard

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    Default Re: spring daffodils?

    Bosque Humieck

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