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    Default Don't blink or it's gone, er, discounted

    In the latest snail mail I got from Macy's was an insert for a Rihanna perfume. I cannot remember if it was Rebelle or Reb'l Fleur (is the latter supposed to suggest "Rebel Flower?" Perhaps it should smell like gunpowder. But I digress). I liked what I smelled from the paper. "Oh, a new frag from Rih ... I should check it out," I thought.

    So I'm in Sam's Club yesterday and what should I espy but a 3.4 oz bottle of Rihanna's R<something> for $39.00. My first thought was this was the equivalent of a direct-to-DVD film. Not really, though. Basenotes lists both R<whatever> frags with a 2011 date. And I forgot that what Macy's promotes may not be the absolute latest releases.

    Off to Google Shopper, where you can find Rebelle under $32 including shipping. Reb'l Fleur for a little more. These are from (who?).

    Macy's still wants $59 for all three Rihannas (including Nude).

    Now I'm curious - how long will they keep making this stuff? And what is the Guinness record for shortest time from "just released" to "discontinued?"
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