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    Default VIW or Coney Island?

    Which one do you prefer and why?

    Also any comments on longetivity and spillage are welcome!

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    Default Re: VIW or Coney Island?

    VIW. The longevity is not the best, but a lovely scent. CI was ok, but not for me.
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    Default Re: VIW or Coney Island?

    VIW is vacation in a bottle. Not the most versatile, but it smells delicious. Coney Island is one of the worst fragrances I've ever put on my skin.

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    Default Re: VIW or Coney Island?

    Spillage? Damn autocorrect VIW is probably next in line to buy

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    Default Re: VIW or Coney Island?

    VIW because it's much better IMO.

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    Default Re: VIW or Coney Island?

    VIW for me. I own both, but honestly find Coney Island a bit hard to wear. It would've been a far better scent without the clashing gourmand notes in the base. It's kind of appealing, but when those notes clash with the fresh, salty top notes, it creates this odd, almost animalic note.

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    Default Re: VIW or Coney Island?

    both smell similar in the opening.

    coney island has better projection/longevity.

    but virgin island water smells 10 times better

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    Default Re: VIW or Coney Island?

    Quote Originally Posted by silentrich View Post
    Coney Island is one of the worst fragrances I've ever put on my skin.
    Agree with this.
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    Default Re: VIW or Coney Island?

    I have both of these and I get a lot of use out of them down here in Miami.

    I would use these scents for mostly the same purposes: daytime casual wear in anytime of the year.

    These are both great good time/party scents. Coney Island has better projection on my skin and longevity for both is about the same.

    The only difference between these is that I wear Coney Island for when I know the whole day would be casual such as running to the mall, pool party, and drinks on south beach. I wear VIW for casual events such as hanging out in a friends house, dates, movies and anytime where a casual setting might turn into something a little more. For example, a bunch of people are going out to get drinks, t -shirt and jeans can work and be acceptable at most places. But if you throw on a Polo shirt you're good for anything that can come your way.

    TL;DR - VIW>CI if i had to pick one. I do however enjoy both

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    Default Re: VIW or Coney Island?

    Personally, I like Coney Island better...not saying that VIW is not good, it's actually the only Creed that I like. Coney Island is fresher, more unique, and lasts forever. I actually love the sweet salty combo. VIW isn't as fresh as I hoped it would be, but it's good for what it is, I just prefer Coney Island. Apparently I am alone on this in this thread.

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    Default Re: VIW or Coney Island?

    keep in mind that viw is cheaper now

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    Default Re: VIW or Coney Island?

    I like both myself. VIW is excellent. Takes me to a tropical place when I am not fortunate enough to be in one anyway.

    Coney Island: I love the opening. However, after a while, I get the gourmand nature of it coming out and mixing with the fruity/tropical notes. That is the part that I don't like so much. It doesn't get cloying or undesirable to me, but it is less pleasing to me than it would be without the caramel-like notes to it.

    Coney Island lasts a long time, so it is certainly the winner in that category, but I take VIW over it every time.
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    Default Re: VIW or Coney Island?

    VIW is my favorite warmer weather scent. It definitely is worth every penny IMO.
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    Default Re: VIW or Coney Island?

    Thank you for your opinion everyone, looks like VIW is the winner. I will definately be on the look out for Coney Island too, seems like an interesting frag.

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    Default Re: VIW or Coney Island?

    I have both and enjoy them in spring/summer, but if i had to pick one, it'd be VIW.

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    Default Re: VIW or Coney Island?

    The only thing Coney Island has on VIW is the same thing all Bonds have over all Creeds: longevity.

    Too bad there are so few Bonds I WANT to last a long time on my skin.
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    Default Re: VIW or Coney Island?

    VIW. It see's a lot of action during the warm months. Coney Island is interesting, but I'm not sure I like it enough to justify a buying a bottle.

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    Default Re: VIW or Coney Island?

    Coney Island. vIW the more I think about is a scam. Garbage potency and its strongest part is opening.

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