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    A bottle marked Basara(not Basala) has come into my possesion. My question to you experts is there any reason that this named was dropped in favour of Basala? I've done some looking around and can't find a reason. I appreciate your comments.
    I saw that!!


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    I have a large empty bottle of Basara and a large full bottle of Basala. Kept the empty one just for historical reasons. My guess is that the name change was linguistically influenced.

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    I don't know whether it is true, but according to this website

    It was originally Basara but got changed to Basala because it was thought that Basara could be confused with Samsara.

    As Japanese doesn't differentiate between what we think of as L and R sounds in English (its really a sound somewhere between L and R, unless someone is angry and yelling, in which case it can become a rolled R sound), the Japanese バサラ didn't change.

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    Thanks to both for your responses.

    I saw that!!


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    Linguistic. Basara was the early version.
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