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    Default Herrera For Men problems.

    Look what happened to my bottle of Herrera For Men . The scent has evaporated more than half of the bottle in less than 3 months and the rest of it turned into a blurry, creamy thing. I must say that the bottle wasn't kept in a light or warm/hot space. Also if that matters , the scent is the current version, got it as a gift 2 years ago. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

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    Default Re: Herrera For Men problems.

    Ewww. Weird. No, and I have a bottle that same size which I bought about two years ago. It shouldn't have leaked like that, unless you had the bottle on top of your car engine in the middle of the Australian Outback.

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    Default Re: Herrera For Men problems.

    Wow that looks pretty severe! It almost looks pasty.
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    Default Re: Herrera For Men problems.

    Huh. Well... maybe it's more concentrated? Less spraying? Haha
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