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    Default Hi and could you help?


    1st post on here so hello.

    Having hit the big 40 last year, I've been making an effort to choose scents which suit me and not driven by price or whatever has been given to me for presents so I've recently treated myself to a bottle of TF Extreme and TF Tobacco vanille having read about them on here. These sit along side some Givenchy Gentleman, Chanel Antaeus and 1881 for work.

    For the past couple of years, I've been wondering if I could match a perfume to a shower gel I absolutely love the smell of. The shower gel is the stuff they give away in Malmaison Hotels made by Arran Aromatics. I love the smell of the gel and would love to get some scent that replicates it. I've tried contacting Arran Aromatics but they will only supply the shower gel.

    Could someone point me in the right direction to either getting some bespoke scent made (if you can do that to a sample) or failing that I have a small amount of gel left that I could send to someone (seeing as I know nothing about notes and layers of smell) to help me decipher what I could look at on the high street.

    Many thanks for reading a fairly long post, great forum from the lurking I've done

    Best regards

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    Default Re: Hi and could you help?

    It's really hard when there isn't a corresponding fragrance to match the gel. Depending on where you are located, there are some perfumers that will create a fragrance to match a customer's wishes but it doesn't come cheap. By the way, Welcome!

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    Default Re: Hi and could you help?


    I have never smelled it, but the Arran webpage describes the frag as fig leaves over a fruity background of citrus, cedar and coconut. So based on this information, perhaps you could explore fig based fragrances.

    The most famous one being perhaps Diptyque Philosykos. But also Artisan Parfumeur Premier Figuier and Heeley Figuier, as well as (but this is probably going to be too sharp) Miller Harris Figue Amere. These are all niche perfumes. The note is not as common in mainstream perfumery, but it pops up now and then, for instance in Hermes Jardin en mediterranee or Mugler Womanity (though I suspect you'd find the Mugler too sweet and salty).

    The description on the webpage need not correspond to the actual smell, of course. For instance, it talks about "delicate creamy, earthy green notes of summer fig leaves.", while fig leaves are actually very sharp and green, neither delicate nor creamy.


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    Default Re: Hi and could you help?

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    Your nose is the ultimate judge so if I may suggest, bring along the gel in your next fragrance exploration outing and sample as many fragrances as you can handle to see if you can find anything that resembles the scent of the gel. That's probably like looking for a needle in a haystack but take comfort in the possibility of finding a fragrance you love even more than the scented gel.
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    Default Re: Hi and could you help?

    Jumping in on the fig fragrance list, Parfumerie Generale Jardin de Kerylos is my favorite fig. I mention it because you're unlikely to just run into Parfumerie Generale; it's generally necessary to send off for samples.

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    Default Re: Hi and could you help?

    Try Dune pour Homme

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    Default Re: Hi and could you help?

    Many thanks for all your replies.

    I think I'll order some samples of the niche scents mentioned above and hopefully get over to a Selfridges in the next few weeks to have a few hours trying to match in their perfume department.

    I'll let you know how it goes

    Thanks again


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    Default Re: Hi and could you help?

    You could also try Jo Malone Wild Fig and Cassis; I haven't tried any of the other figs except the mentioned Philosykos, but I definitely find the Jo Malone greener and leafier than the Diptyque. No citrus, though.

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