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    Default Re: Rate Bond no. 9 Fragrances

    Quote Originally Posted by SculptureOfSoul View Post
    Washington Square (5/5) earl grey tea -> honeyed rose -> powdery "white" vetiver and suede. Awesome!
    Washington Square? Early grey tea? Holy moly. That just jumped way up my need-to-try list.
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    Default Re: Rate Bond no. 9 Fragrances

    In my mind:

    Riverside Drive: 4.5/5
    New Haarlem: 2.5/5
    Wall St.: 2/5

    I've tried a few other, but they would have been the top 3, impression wise. Riverside Drive is the only one I would ever buy.
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    Default Re: Rate Bond no. 9 Fragrances

    Wearing Brooklyn as my SotD today and I'd have to up my rating from a 4 to a 4.5. This is just the perfect clean, all purpose scent. It's what Voyage d'Hermes should have been (citrus, spice and leather. Brookyln is more Hermes than Hermes' own scent!)

    Also, would lower my rating of Harrods Swarovski Oud to 4 stars. Re-sampled this weekend and found it to be a bit flat.
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    Default Re: Rate Bond no. 9 Fragrances

    I used to love Bond until I started smelling other niche houses then I started to realize they are charging way to much for what they are producing. The only one I love from them is Chinatown. Bought it for my wife and love it on her. If they were cheaper I'd say Chez Bond, Bleecker Street, Wall Street, Harbor, and I Love NY for him would be the only ones worth looking at. So to stick with the ratings 5 for Chinatown 3 for the others.

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    Default Re: Rate Bond no. 9 Fragrances

    Chinatown 5 out of 5, New Haarlem 4.9 out of 5 - the rest don't matter.
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    Default Re: Rate Bond no. 9 Fragrances

    I have only tried I Love NY FA and I absolutely do not like it.
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    Default Re: Rate Bond no. 9 Fragrances

    New Haarlem, Chez Bond and Riverside drive- 5 The others on the list are four and under IMO.
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    I've smelled a good number but didn't like them enough to buy.

    I own and love:

    Eau de New York - 5/5

    Bleecker St. - 4/5

    Have a sample of Chicago, amazing. I wish they'd make it a part of the regular line.
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    Default Re: Rate Bond no. 9 Fragrances

    Bleecker is my favorite.
    Washington Square is very good.
    Chinatown is GREAT but too feminine for me to wear.

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    Default Re: Rate Bond no. 9 Fragrances

    I own
    - NY Oud 4/5 - Bond making attar
    - Silver Factory 5/5 - the most unique from the line
    - Bleecker Street 5/5 - it is like Polo Purple Level which is already discontinued
    - Riverside Drive 3/5 - too tame for me

    I have sample of
    - Wall Street

    - Hampton 3/5 - I do not like it

    - Chinatown 2/5 too feminine, but 5/5 if I am a lady
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