I'm going to give my personal rating on these Bond no 9 fragrances (based on what I tried).

My standards: 1-5, compared to other niche fragrances. Judged on projection, longevity, originality, versatility and value for what you pay in addition to the overall scent.

Hamptons - 2/5
Chinatown - 3/5
Cooper Square - 3/5
Bleecker Street 3.5/5
Little Italy - 1/5
Coney Island - 2/5
Wall Street - 3.5/5
New Haarlem - 5/5
Chez Bond - 3/5
Riverside Drive - 2.5/5

The main factor in my rating system that seems to be driving it down is value for the overall scent.

How would you rate fragrances from the Bond house. Not just the ones I listed, but all of the ones you tried.