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    Smile Night Out Cologne

    Hi, I'm new to this. I'm looking for a recommendation (EDT) that fits the following criteria:

    -Price: <$50, preferrably <$35 (looking for a ~3.4 oz bottle)
    -Avoid "sweet" or "aquatic" scents
    -Something masculine and sexy, good for nights out (parties/dates)
    -Fit for a college student
    -In production (no discontinued EDT's that are difficult to find)
    -Hopefully not something everyone wears, like "One Million" or "Fierce"

    I live in USA btw.

    Some things I prefer:

    -Dark + spicy scents, sandalwood
    -Floral is good too (think dark rose)

    I was considering ungaro iii (current formula) for the dark rose scent but some reviewers have turned me off of it. I also looked at Zino Davidoff, but I think it's a little too old-fashioned for me. Sorry for all the text, and thanks for the help!

    Also: It must have good longevity + sillage!
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