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    Here's the heavy hitters in my experience (I'm 20, and got into fragrances during high school, so I have a lot of feedback with that demographic).

    -Le Male - be aware that it can smell feminine depending on your skin. I had a few guy friends wonder who smells like a girl before. I recommend Le Male Terrible if you find yourself having the same issue as me.
    - 1 Million is a lady killer for sure. I love the juice to death, but it gave me a headache after a few hours so I can't wear it anymore. Absolute compliment getter, just go easy on the trigger or you'll be "cologne guy"
    - Acqua Di Gio - this one speaks for itself. Legendary fragrance for good reasons. I personally get headaches from it, but if you don't, you're certainly going to get a compliment or two wearing it.
    - A*Men/Pure Malt - my signature fragrance. My skin chemistry turns gourmands into candy. If you find that your skin doesn't turn A*Men into tar or pine tree (yeah, I've had people say it smells piney...I think they were huffing Pinesol lol) I recommend it highly. It's a rather niche smell type, but I've had nothing but success with it. Again, go easy on the trigger.
    - A+F Fierce - yes it's worn to death, yes its over priced, yes it smells like the damn store...but it's also the one fragrance I've had girls literally pulling my clothes to smell it. That is not an exaggeration - I hate when people say stuff like "DIS GIRL LEGIT THREW HERSELF AT ME BUY NAO!!!!" I wouldn't be saying this if it didn't actually happen. Another one that gives me headaches, but if you can stand it, it's definitely a good secret weapon to own.
    - Tobacco Vanille - PRICEY!! - for this one I recommend a decant or a sample, you don't need much of it. On the note of attention getter, this fragrance has been close to Fierce. I've had both male and female alike go out of their way to smell it. It's extremely sensual and sweet, cloying if too much is applied, but with the right application, this stuff is killer. Email Tom Ford asking for a sample, they're usually pretty generous in my experience.
    - Cool Water - I personally have never worn it, but I've owned Green Irish Tweed, and they're apparently similar. GIT got me some great compliments, so Cool Water mustn't be too far behind, if not better.
    - Versace Eau Fraiche - another one that gives me a headache (woody and aquatics kill me for whatever reason lol), but gets a decent amount of attention. This one's very skin chemistry dependent, definitely try a sample before buying. On me it can either smell amazing or absolutely average.

    Those are just the ones I can think of right now off the top of my head, I'll add more if I can think of them! Good Luck!
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    Default Re: Sexy high school cologne

    I would suggest Aqua De Million. But dont not wear One milion to Class, its dry down is annoying as hell. Burberry London is not partying scent whatsoever unless u have outdoor party in the winter.

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