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    Default Re: SotD: Thursday 17th Jan 2013

    Good evening, y'all.

    I was in Neil Morris City Rain today, and blue sweater dress. Two times I have worn this and both times it has gotten COLD the same day. I thought when I read "sweater dress" in the description that it would be warm, but no. Wind goes right through. The last time I wore it got so cold walking in the door to my work building that I kind of yelled "It's too COLD!!" right when I got to the door, and the man walking in with me made fun of me in the elevator, but I was warm by then Anyway, I am checking the weather before I wear this again.

    30R, so glad your mom is OK.

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    Default Re: SotD: Thursday 17th Jan 2013

    When I tried to post earlier today, the whole window closed down. WTH?

    Anyway, I wanted to wish Happy Birthday to Ineespenes!

    I'm wearing HdP's Tubereuse 2 - Virginale: Tuberose, Tangerine, Cherry, Jasmine, Tiara, Frangipani, Patchouli, Blond Woods, Vanilla from the basenotes pass.
    Currently wearing: Sådanne by Slumberhouse

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    Default Re: SotD: Thursday 17th Jan 2013

    Hi, everybody. It's snowing here for the first time this winter. The center where I tutor is closed this evening so nothing to do but stay home and cocoon this evening. I'm cozied up in Toujours Moi. I had a marathon cooking session today, making pots of chili and soup to freeze in portions, plus the dog's food (I cook chicken thighs for her to mix into her kibble, which she won't eat without the extra goodies added). B-belle will be home tomorrow and wanting something homemade to eat - ergo all the cooking. He said he's getting sick of his hotel room. I LOVE living in a hotel room - maid service, meals that I don't have to make, etc...heavenly. Yikes! It's lightning and thundering snow out there. We just had a POW!!! The dog is freaking out.

    Quarry, I'm sure that was the edt. I can't wear it either. And you made me laugh. (((30 Roses' Mum's bum))) indeed. I'm glad she's ok, 30 Roses. Happy Birthday, Ineespenes! I hope you had a beautiful birthday today. Love to everybody. xoxoxo

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    Default Re: SotD: Thursday 17th Jan 2013

    I'm wearing Morgane Le Fay Blue today.

    Sending happy birthday wishes to ine
    I've trademarked the color bleu
    Currently wearing: No. 5 by Chanel

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    Default Re: SotD: Thursday 17th Jan 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by Quarry View Post
    I wanted to spank myself when I got home from Ulta for failing to note whether it was edt or edp. While I was there I was in a little huff -- well, there's nothing new to sample here but the same-old same-old, so I'll just take a shot of Shalimar and be on my way. I'm going to have to call Ulta to find out. The bottle was on their very lowest shelf, at shoe level. Of course Wonderstruck was positively in your face shelf-wise.

    Thanks for the counsel, Mike. I have vintage Shalimar samples of extrait and edc, and I know the edc has a smokier quality. The cream does sound yummy.
    It was probably the EdT, that's the one that most department stores have out, as a Tester, now that I think of it. Glad you like it. Everyone has their own version that works for them. The 'new' EdT is definitely not smoky but it wears it vanilla, bergamot and animalic notes very prominently. Sounds like with your body chemistry, that's a good thing.


    Maderas de Oriente Locion by Myrurgia (from a fast-dwindling sample - thanks J!)

    This stuff is the bee's knees. Wow!
    "When you become comfortable with uncertainty. infinite possibilities open up in your life"

    -- Eckhart Tolle

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    Default Re: SotD: Thursday 17th Jan 2013

    SOTD: Vetyver by Jo Malone.

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    Default Re: SotD: Thursday 17th Jan 2013

    Today I sampled Coco Chanel EDP, from a department store. And Hypnotic Poison. And Pi by Givenchy. Can't seem to stay away from that perfume counter lately!

    Happy birthdays to those who have anniversaries of birth. Many blessings to all of you.
    I send thee this sweet perfume a fragrance to the fragrant, as one would offer wine to the god of wine.

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