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    Default "CHAMPAGNE" by Yves Saint Laurent, year 1993, and...

    ......the seller is near to bankruptcy and offers it in his little shop. I remember vaguely YSL had to change name in "Yvresse" almost 20 years ago. This box has the lettering CHAMPAGNE in black over a golden background, it's the round, almost-circular big bottle (resembling a champagne-bottle stopper), EDT, 100ml 3.4 oz.
    Seller asks 90 euros (115 dollars) because "'s rare!".

    Wonder if it's worth the buy - an expensive buy!- thinking to "collector" value in future days, too.
    Help me to decide! To buy or not to buy?

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    Default Re: "CHAMPAGNE" by Yves Saint Laurent, year 1993, and...

    I was once given a mini of Champagne (ie pre Yvresse name). It's an intense creamy bubbly floral. I must be hypersensitive to some note because there's something that disturbs me, like a aldehyde multiplied ten times that becomes as thick as cream. Almost as if I couldn't breath, so thick it is. It's a note I remember noticing in the past (when I was not into perfumes), but not in recent perfumes. (I briefly sprayed Yvresse in the new ugly bottle in a store, didn't get that impression, but I was under nose fatigue so I cannot say how different it is). Therefore, I am not the best person to judge it.

    I have not been following prices on ebay or the like. Such prices would not be uncommon for 100ml of vintage perfumes from big houses, but I don't think Champagne is particularly collectible, so I'd venture saying that the price is a little bit on the expensive side. But as said this is an uninformed guess.


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    Default Re: "CHAMPAGNE" by Yves Saint Laurent, year 1993, and...

    I think 65-70 euros would be of the value of Champagne.
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