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    After a few years of looking I finally got my hands on a bottle of Imperator. The breakdown seems accurate enough, gladly, since that's what intrigued me enough to hunt down a bottle. One possible reason for the rarity (in the U.S., anyway) is that the bottle I bought is said to have been released in Spain, and the box does have European nomenclature. Perhaps it was never released in the U.S.? If so, it's a pity. We really missed out on this one.

    First impression is that it's clean and sharp to the point of peppery, which fits the description of frankincense to a T. I wasn't familiar with frankincense so checked this site and found it described generally as incense. That is what this stuff was reminding me of (church incense, not hippy incense).

    The mint and lemon are there right off but both pass quickly. Tobacco, yeah, a bit, but also faint and passing, or getting lost in the mix. Mostly it's that potent citrusy/spicy/sagey/peppery blend - must be the basil, cardamom and frankincense. They hit the hardest and remain the longest. Now, if it stayed like that I wouldn't like it but after 15 minutes they've warmed up, mellowed out and sweetened a lot. It actually ends up better than it starts out, which is unusual for any mere aftershave I've ever used.

    The synthetic vanilla is barely noticeable and I'm picking up zero patchouli (thankfully!). The lavender is also nil, which is good if only to prove this isn't Tribute or any other Avon sneakily dropped into this bottle. I don't see floral notes helping out this mix anyway; it just does not need florals.

    This is a really nice, clean wintery scent. Not sure it'd go too well in warm weather. The closest thing it reminds me of (for good or ill) is ONE MAN SHOW, which this a/s would compliment perfectly without giving you an additional fragrance punch in the nose.

    Imperator is a very good buy which I recommend over Tribute, which itself is no slouch. This is considerably more "modern" smelling, if that's a concern. No one will mistake this for old man stink as they might with the Trib. Imperator is now in my top 5. If you see it, grab it because it's quite rare.
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