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    Default Layering Combinations.

    I was talking to a Creed sales rep the other day, just chatting about fragrances and she was telling me how she likes to layer Millesime Imperial with Royal Oud. Now I'm not sure in my mind what that particular combination would smell like but I was wondering what members experiences are with layering different scents and what peoples favourite combinations are?

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    Default Re: Layering Combinations.

    I like and own Millisime Imperial and Royal Oud but personally enjoy them separately as I do all my fragrances.

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    Default Re: Layering Combinations.

    Sugar daddy and blue sugar

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    Default Re: Layering Combinations.

    What, like in this stickied thread?

    Or this one on Creed?

    I'm sure a search on the term layer or layering will turn up plenty more.

    Personally I like CdG 2 Man with LIDGE which adds a nice touch of dry smokiness to tone down the sweet chocolate aspects of LIDGE.

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    Default Re: Layering Combinations.

    Unforgiveable and Polo Black - women love it.
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    Default Re: Layering Combinations.

    I will need to try that layer since i have both. Tom Ford Vanilla and tuscani leather is a nice combo

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