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    Default Disappointed with Mazzolari

    I the Patchouli I find it more to be a vanilla amber scent then patchouli. I also received Lui which is again that vanilla amber scent kind of like Estée Lauder Youth Dew.

    Maybe it's me but both do not have great longevity on my skin.

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    Default Re: Disappointed with Mazzolari

    They are indeed both sharing the amber-base (which I enjoy a lot) but they have very decent longevity for me. Lui is a winner in my book.
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    Default Re: Disappointed with Mazzolari

    I've always thought I'd develop and appreciation for Lui, but never have. The only one from this house I really love is Mazzolari (the namesake one) which is a wonderful masculine green.

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    Default Re: Disappointed with Mazzolari

    Personally didn't care for Lui when I tried it either.

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    Default Re: Disappointed with Mazzolari

    Love Lui, the longevity is great for me 8hr+ and i have dry skin

    OF maybe?
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    Default Re: Disappointed with Mazzolari

    I love both of them and get above average longevity.

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