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    There is deal on it on for 11 dollars which is pretty cheap..
    i can't really find a review on it. I just wanna know how it projects and lasts and the smell. Also im 15 would this be good night out scent?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramizlol View Post
    There is deal on it on for 11 dollars which is pretty cheap..
    At that price it might be worth a blind buy even without any info.

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    No, go for Cuba Gold, Orange, or Blue. Black is more in the Tuscany Aramis range, but of course with apparently a lot cheaper ingredients.

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    Just my opinion, those Cuba frags are terrible. Not even worth $10. You can get a way better fragrance if you're willing to stretch your budget to $25-30.
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    If you are 15, I would not get Cuba Black. Unless you like really strong, pungent, old school fragrances.
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