Hi guys,

I can't stop obsessing about this:

I really thought I didn't like vintage stuff. Here and there I smelled some good things, but nothing earth shatering. Till yesterday.

So now I have a need to find out more about the 'old ones'.

Please bear with me here: I know next to nothing of antiquités, I never cared much for bottle collecting or packaging.

But I want to smell and re-discover the masterpiece classics: the first Chanel no 5, the first Jicky, the first Shalimar etc. etc.

And maybe make a preservation project of it. Like finding out about the formula, key ingredients, reconstruction. Call it perfume- archaeology

I would also love to visit the Osmotheque this year and would love to hear about your experiences if you've been.

So any help on where to start, where to smell, where to look, where to read, where to visit, who to talk to, all hugely appreciated!

Many thanks